Residential Project

To broaden experience through involvement with others in a residential setting.


  • Be undertaking the Gold Award.
  • Undertake shared purposeful activity away from their home for a total period of no less than five days and four nights. It’s meant to be fun but not a holiday!
  • Must be in the company of others who are not their usual companions.
  • A Participant may require briefing or training prior to or during the residential period so that they are able to contribute fully to the activity and derive full benefit from the experience.
  • Residential settings may typically be in centres, youth hostels, sail training ships or camps. Billeted homestays are acceptable.
  • Provided it conforms to the general conditions, the type of residential experience is to be the young person’s own choice, freely made and without any financial gain.
  • The project must provide opportunities for broadening interests and experiences – it is the ideal incentive to try a new activity.

Activity Examples

Personal training courses, environment and conservation projects, service to other people and communities, activity based.